Z’s Divine Espresso & Coffee Roasters

Z’s East


1800 East 23rd Street

Hours: Mon-Fri  6am-6pm; Saturday 7am-6pm; Sunday 7am-5pm

Lawrence is always on the move and for the people using 23rd Street to get to the K-10 to head to Johnson County, Kansas City and beyond, the drive thru is their first stop. 23rd street offers coffee, tea, specialty drinks and bagels, muffins and pastries at the drive thru and in the shop. There is also ample store front parking and plenty of seating to accommodate coffee lovers throughout the day. The best part of 23rd street is this is the location where we roast our organic coffee beans. The smell is intoxicating. You can buy whole bean or ground coffee as well as coffee accessories here as well.




House Coffee

Decaf Coffee

Loose Cannon

Café Au Lait


Café Latte


Flavored Latte

Café Mocha

Flavored Mocha

A Few of our favorite latte/mochas: (all available hot, iced, frozen or w/decaf)

  • Caramel & Vanilla Latte
  • White Mocha with Irish Cream
  • White Mocha with Blackberry
  • Mocha with Cinnamon & Cayenne
  • Mocha with Coconut & Curry
  • Chai with Espresso Shots



Espresso Con Panna (shots with whippied cream)

Espresso (double shot)



Espresso Soda Flavors:

  • Ginger Ale/Cayenne
  • Cherry/Vanilla
  • Lime/Coconut
  • Cherry/Lime