Our featured coffee this month is the organic Colombian – get ready for this –Cesar Serrania Del Perija Women’s Cooperative. There’s more. The cooperative is organized around the Asociation de Mujeres Cafeteras Plan Mil – an all women’s organization. The cooperative is made up of approximately 58 family owned farms-and the women are in charge of the farming. Of the 55 operating farms, 33 have achieved organic certification. The farms average 27 acres of land, and they are very productive. In addition to coffee they grow plantains, bananas, squash, beans, corn, cassava and yams. They use their own micro-mills to depulp and dry the coffee. The beans are dried inside using solar dryers to protect the process from the rain. Mujeres Cafeteras provides technical support and access to the international coffee market for their member farmers. In reading about this organization, it was interesting to see that the women “allow their husbands and partners to help with the farming.”  You go, girls!!

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Images and information courtesy of Royal Coffee-Importers.

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Our goals are:

  • To more clearly convey to our customers that we are a local, organic roaster.
  • To be more informative about the coffees that we roast, why we select them, blend them, and the best way to enjoy them
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  • To share stories about coffee growers and the importance of sustainable farming practices around the globe

At Z’s, we live and breathe coffee and believe the rest of the world does too. Surprise – most people just want to drink it! Always surprised to find out how very little people know about what it takes to get that delicious aroma and flavor into a cup-and we’d love to share some stories with you.

There are some problems brewing in the world of coffee – actually in the world of farming in general. Climate changes around the world are impacting production today – it’s not something that will happen in the future – it is happening now. We know that it takes enormous effort and certainly additional cost to engage in organic growing practices. To do this in third world countries where the economies are fragile to begin with takes extra courage.

We are grateful to work with importers who not only value the efforts of these farmers, but also work directly with them to insure their success in establishing clean crops, fair prices and trade practices. You may think you have to pay substantially more to get fresh organic coffee – but check out our prices. You’ll find we are very competitive with non-organic coffee.

OK – I could go on – and I will – but for today I just wanted you to know that we have something new. Take a look and hope you will like and share. Visit us often.