Z’s Roasterie

Quality From Start To Finish

Why organic matters

At Z’s, we only select the best 100% USDA certified organic green coffee for roasting. This

ensures that you, our customer, are getting a great cup of coffee, latte, or selection of whole

beans that is free of chemicals and pesticides. Purchasing organic coffee also ensures that we

are helping to promote organic and sustainable coffee production around the world. We work

with our importers to source quality coffees from growers who share both our love of coffee

and the environment. We have coffee with certifications from organizations like the Free Trade

Organization, The Rainforest Alliance, The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, and UTZ which is

sustainable farming certification program. These practices and certifications matter. Coffee

farming and production happens in regions of the world where resources and money are

scarce. Those that take part in organic farming and production are making a financial

investment in the future of their farms and their families. When you purchase coffee from Z’s

Divine Espresso, you’re doing your part to ensure these practices can continue.

Small Batch, Locally Roasted Coffee

Me, my laptop, and a 20 something year old Diedrich IR-12 Roaster. That’s the roasting team at

Z’s Divine Espresso and Roastery. At Z’s, every drink, every cup of coffee, and every whole bean

sold from any of our stores comes from beans roasted right here in Lawrence, KS. I take a

hands-on approach to every aspect of the roasting process from the weekly roast plan to

cupping and scoring the final products. I work in small batches to make sure the quality comes

through in every roast. So, whether you’re buying beans for home or a cup of house coffee in

our shop, it’s at the peak of freshness. I love roasting and I take a lot of pride in having the

opportunity to provide people with a cup of coffee that they love not only for the taste, but for

the business, environmental, and agricultural practices that cup of coffee represents.



Roaster, Z’s Divine Espresso